Garrysmod Semi-Serious DarkRP Server is up.

The server is finally up and ready for your role play.
Server uses DarkRP SVN, Evolve as an admin mod, rp_downtown_v2_fiend_v2b as the map.
The server has prop protection, so no one will be able to mess with your props.
We also have WireMod, And Team-Fortress 2 Props when you need them.
Some custom jobs and weapons, shipments etc.
And here is the current players you will meet.

Owner: Keyboard BeaR
Super Admin/Co Owner: Prototype
Admin: Ryan Gee ,Zarlek and Philip

Server IP:

We are sure that you will find us by just searching the map, but if you can't find us use the console by typing in ''Connect:
Put In your favorites so you could find us easier, enjoy!!! 

NOTE: The server is 24/7 hosting.

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